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Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo and Video Printer (Purple) Photo Frames Kit
Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo and Video Printer (Purple) Photo Frames Kit
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Printing Technology Zink Technology Brand Lifeprint Connectivity Technology Wireless Model Name Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo and Video Printer Color Purple
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    Hyperphoto Technology

    Bring your memories to life in your hands! Add embedded videos to printed photos with Lifeprint’s Hyperphoto technology, and watch your photos come alive.

    Kensington Security Lock

    Make sure nobody walks away with your treasured printer. The Kensington Security Lock slot makes it easy for you to secure your printer, and breathe a little easier.

    ZINK Paper Tray

    The ZINK paper tray holds 10 sheets of sticky-backed photo paper at a time, and requires no ink or messy cartridges. Load the paper & calibration sheet, and you’re ready to go

    Micro USB Rechargeable

    The rechargeable battery delivers 40 prints per charge, and is easily recharged via micro USB in just an hour and a half.

    Power and Pair

    Your power button is also your Bluetooth pairing button. Press it once to turn the printer on, then press and hold it until the status light blinks to enter pairing mode. It’s that easy.

    Portable Design

    The Lifeprint printer design is intentionally petite and surprisingly lightweight, even when loaded with paper. It fits easily in your purse or pocket, so you can print pictures wherever you go.

    Take This One to Go

    Measuring around 4.6″ x 2.9″ x 0.9″, this printer fits easily into pockets, purses, or backpacks.

    Print & Share Everywhere

    Print your pictures from any connected Lifeprint printer, no matter where you are.

    Embedded Video Technology

    Use the Lifeprint app to embed videos in your photos, then view them with the Hyperphoto viewer.

    Create Memories that Last

    ZINK photo paper is smudgeproof, water- and tear- resistant, so your memories will truly last.

    Meet the Lifeprint Community

    The Lifeprint app allows you to share your photos and videos with the Lifeprint Community.

    1 Travel-Friendly Design 2 Connected World 3 Amazing Effects 4 Lifeproof Lifeprints 5 Find Your People

    Step One

    Lift the top off paper tray. Insert Paper. Ensure blue calibration sheet is at the bottom.

    Step Two

    Press the button on the side to power the printer on. The status indicator will light up.

    Step Three

    Enable Bluetooth on your phone. Open the Lifeprint app and connect your printer.

    Step Four

    Use the app to add filters, borders, stickers, captions, or embedded video effects to your photos.

    Step Five

    Print your masterpiece from any Lifeprint printer, and/or share it on social media.

    1 Load Paper 2 Power On 3 Connect to App 4 Add Effects & Edit 5 Print and Share

    What makes the Lifeprint 2x3 Printer unique?

    Meet the instant printer designed with social connection in mind. You can print 2″ x 3″ photos in an instant, whether you’re in the same room or across the globe. Send a photo to any connected Lifeprint printer as easily as you would send a text.

    Can I print my social media photos?

    Yes you can! The Lifeprint App allows you to access any pictures on your phone, including photos from your social media accounts, camera roll, and anything else. Want to print out stickers of your entire meme folder? We’ve got you covered.

    Do I have to download the app?

    Yes. The printer cannot print without the app, and it can do much more than print! Download the app to experience a full photo editing suite, Hyperphoto embedded video technology, a community of shared photos, and connected printing from anywhere.

    Are all my photos shared with Lifeprint’s community?

    The Lifeprint app shares all photos with the Lifeprint community, unless a photo is designated PRIVATE. To make a photo private, select the “Make Photo Private” option on the printing screen.

    Does the printer come with ZINK paper?

    It does! A starter pack of ZINK paper is included with your printer, so you can load it up and start printing right out of the box.


    Lifeprint is an Android and iPhone photo and video printer. Named “Best ZINK Printer” by Digital Trends magazine, here’s some of the fun stuff you can do with Lifeprint: Augmented Reality - Lifeprint uses Augmented Reality to make your photos come to life like magic in your hands. We call this Hyperphoto. Hyperphotos add your username watermarked on the image so you remember which images come to life many years from now. Share Photos – All of Lifeprint’s printers are connected in one giant worldwide printer network. This means we have a “Following and Follower” system just like Instagram or Twitter. Now you can send photos directly to your friends’ and family’s Lifeprint printers all over the world through the network. Privacy/Security - Lifeprint is a social network for physical photos. This means you’ll need to create an account when you sign up and your Lifeprint images will be stored securely online with multiple privacy settings for you to pick from. We take privacy very seriously. But if you have major issues with storing images in the cloud or just don’t like joining social networks, please note before you purchase. Get Social – Lifeprint connects with your saved Snaps, recent Instagrams, Facebook, and more to easily print photos, videos, GIFs, Boomerangs, Apple Live Photos, and more. All your content is in one place and super easy to access. Small and Portable – The Lifeprint photo and video printer is small and super portable. Easily fits in your pocket and the perfect accessory for parties and concerts. Customize and Edit – The Lifeprint photo printer for iPhone and Android comes with a free, fully customizable photo editing suite that allows you to edit, filter, and customize your photos before printing. 2X3 Sticky Photos – Lifeprint photos are small and sticky easily letting you customize your personal space with photos and stickers of your favorite memories.

    Features & details


    • AUGMENTED REALITY: Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality Hyperphotos can embed a video inside your photos so they come to life like magic in your hands.
    • WORLD’S ONLY SHAREABLE PHOTO PRINTER: Connect with friends and family within the Lifeprint App and instantly share real photos to them from anywhere in the world. No other photo printer in the world can do this. Compatible with iOS and android devices.
    • LARGE FORMAT PRINTS: The larger 3x4.5 photo print is over twice the size of other 2x3 inch photo printers. The larger size really makes a difference. Lifeprint’s 3x4.5 photos are also stickers! Perfect for decorating your walls, photo albums, and MacBook.
    • WIFI AND BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Connect Lifeprint to your home wifi and print from anywhere in the world. Easily print real photos from your phone with just one click. Print saved Snaps, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, moving GIFs, and more.
    • This bundle includes: 1 Lifeprint printer, 1 Lifeprint 30-pack Zink paper, 1 Tote Bag, 1 set Vintage Photo Frames, 1 64-Pocket Photo Album, 1 set Border Stickers.

    Product information

    Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here